¡Herbalismo! A Medicinal Plant Festival of the Deep South— Festival de Plantas Medicinales del profundo Sur, Texas’

Flat Creek Crossing Ranch Near Austin next to Perdanales Falls State Park
October 24 thru 27, 2013

March 14, 2014
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October 10, 2013
Welcome Medicinal Plant Lovers and Happy Harvest Month!

Herbalismo! is just a two weeks away and we are looking forward to connecting with all of you. If you’ve not yet made a decision to come to Herbalismo, we hope you will join us. See below three key reasons WHY you should attend:

  1. Learn from the best! With a presenter roster that includes well known practitioners Rosemary Gladstar, Matthew Wood and Paul Bergner to the lesser known gems like Marika Alvarado and Eshe Faizah, the diversity of information presented will astound you.
  2. Connect with herbalists, naturopaths from New Zealand, Mexico and the beautiful states of California, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico, New York, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Colorado, Maryland, Florida, and of course, Texas.
  3. Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit in a beautiful setting http://www.txsranch.com

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  • BYOC — Bring your own cup and/or water bottle. We are planning a zero-waste event so we encourage this.
  • Rain Poncho or Jacket — just in case!
  • Flashlight or headlamp.
  • Walking shoes, bathing suit, soap for outdoor showers.
  • Snacks or any dietary supplements.
  • CASH for ice and/or vendor purchasing.
  • Comfortable clothing for layers. Will be warm during the day and chilly at night.


Register Today for only $325! If you live in Austin, come out for a day ($150) or join us over the weekend!


All-inclusive meal passes now available!

$100 for 10 meals. Only $10/meal. Purchase today!



Camping is still available and there are also a few hotels nearby to choose from:

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Registration Pricing

    Registration for the conference is closed.
  • Day Passes will be available at $150 per day, prior to and during the conference.

Pre-Conference Intensives


Pre-conference Intensives are Thursday, October 24th from 8:30am to 12 noon. The cost for each Intensive is $45 and is additional to conference registration. Choose from:

Class Descriptions

Paul Bergner Tania Neubauer

Clinical Skills IntensivePaul Bergner and Tania Neubauer, ND

A successful outcome in a patient, whether for an acute or chronic condition, depends on getting the whole story, accurately detecting the patterns of disharmony and the negative processes occurring, accurately assessing the contributions in the diet and lifestyle to those processes, and in addition, recognizing potentially serious symptoms requiring a prompt referral for further assessment. This intensive will focus on those basic interview skills that are critical to establishing a relationship with the patient and getting comprehensive and accurate information. We will also present a template for the information necessary to acquire in a chronic disease case, with some tips, tricks, and handouts for getting that information. Finally we will describe some “red flag symptoms” requiring referral that are commonly overlooked in herbal practice.

Thomas Easley

A Systematic Approach to Natural Autoimmune TreatmentThomas Easley

People with auto-immune disorders are increasingly turning to alternative medicine for help. Yet auto-immune disorders are complex conditions that can be overwhelming. In this 3.5 hour intensive we will cover the role of diet and nutrition, gut health, latent infections, specific botanicals to regulate the immune system, and my step by step approach to reversing autoimmunity. In addition we will cover medical testing for auto-immunity, how to interpret them, as well as how to identify and correct the nutrient deficiencies that occur with auto-immunity and because of medication for auto-immunity.

Karyn Sanders

Native American EnergeticsKaryn Sanders

In this class, we will be looking at health and medicine from a Native American viewpoint. We will explore what is health and balance and how to keep it. We will look at personal power and connection to all as the key to balanced health. How we are light and vibration and the balance of that keeps us well. We will be also talking about the importance of finding the root to imbalance in order to heal. We will learn about the heart and it’s key role in our balance. We will look at how we are energy and inter-connectedness and not a collection of body parts. How ceremony, prayer and emotion are crucial for us to be in balance. In this class, we will be taking herbs, doing song and meditation. We will explore how to have ceremony in your everyday life to keep you in balance.

To reserve your space in one of these classes, please email registration@herbalismo.org.



Minors age 2-17 must be registered in order to attend. Registration for children 7 and younger is free. Registration for youth ages 8-17 is $55.

August 14, 2013
Happy Summer Weedcrafting Days, dear Medicinal Plant Lovers!

Herbalismo! is just 3 months away! We have been busy putting together classes and events that promise some of the most exciting information ever presented at an herb conference with rare appearances and never before seen presentations including our keynote speaker, beloved author and Herbal Elder, Rosemary Gladstar. Three Pre-conference Intensives offer an indepth look at clinical skills from Paul Bergner and Tania Neubauer, an investigation of auto-immune disorders with Thomas Easley and a Native American perspective on health and balance from Karyn Sanders.

Matthew Wood, Margarat Nee, Karen Keaton, and Beth Ebbing kick off the inaugural session of the Central Texas herb conference with classes as diverse as astringent and sensual herbs, herbs for pets, creating sacred space through scent and a view of herbal “herstory” from Joann Sanchez. Ginger Webb takes us on a Wild Plant Walk and our panel of curanderas help us start off the conference with limpias to realign our energy to our intention. Evenings will end with performances from local musicians and entertainers that include Tejano, Eastern European dance music, firedancers and singer songwriters with special guest appearances.

And that’s just Day One!

Day 2 thru 4—The Spiritual Heart of it.

Day Two through Four of our green, zero-waste managed event (thanks to Green Fern Events), starts with morning yoga before breakfast, followed by Southern Appalachian Folk Medicine with Phyllis D. Light or Medicine Can Be a Ball with Rosemary Gladstar. Mull over the ancient and modern uses of Mulberry with Will Morris, heal your “Spiritual Heart” with Paul Bergner or follow along as Margi Flint shows us how to Read the Body. Sit in on any of the many intriguing classes offered by Demetria Clark, Darell Martin, Joann Sanchez, Nicole Telkes, Grace Keller, Sonia Masocco, Sally Garrett or Marika Alvarado, on subjects as diverse as Ceremonies for Birthing or Creating Apothecary Gardens.

Go here to see a full schedule and classes offered at Texas’ first herbal conference.

Day of the Dead—and Singing and Dancing!

On Friday evening, Maria Elena Martinez dances us to the Day of the Dead Ceremony as she leads the procession through a candle lit cave to the waters of Flat Creek. Saturday class offerings range from Herbs of the African Gods, Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and exploring Our Relationship to the Wild and once again concludes with music and dance. This is a festival after all!

We still have so much work to do and we appreciate your patience as we bring more and more information online. We know you are preparing for this and we want to help all of you enjoy an enriching and fun conference. Stay tuned as we continue to post the latest developments. And don’t forget that August 31st is the last day for Registration before Regular Registration prices go into effect.

Herbal Blessings,
Nita, Nicole, Neely and our amazing volunteers

Presenters Include: Rosemary Gladstar; Matthew Wood; Paul Bergner; William Morris; Margi Flint; Maria Elena Martinez; Phyllis D. Light; Nicole Telkes; Ginger Webb; Ellen Zimmermann; Filiberto Delgado; D’Coda; Margarat Nee; Darcey Blue-French; Sonia Masocco; Thomas Easley; Demetria Clark; Katja Swift; Beth Ebbing; Eshe Faizah; Janie Johansen; Jenny Perez; JoAnn Sanchez; Karen Keaton; Karyn Sanders; Marjory Wildcraft; Maria Christina Moroles; Marika Alvarado; Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhtli; Sheri Hupfer; Tania Neubauer; Onifa Funke Adesanya-Awoyade; Darrell Martin; Sally Garrett; Grace Keller; Carrie Revenal; Reeves/Seifert/Hounsel

Dear Medicinal Plant Lovers,

It is with great joy that we invite you to participate in Herbalismo! We hope that this historic event will bring together practitioners and students of many herbal traditions in our region to celebrate plants and healing in the Deep South. Well respected Herbal Elders like Rosemary Gladstar, Paul Bergner, Matthew Wood, Margi Flint, and Will Morris are joining us in the festivities and offering their own special and unique teachings and support. A large percentage of our Teachers will be bioregional—some you may have heard of, others have been hiding in nooks and crannies—and we are drawing them out of their cabins, their books, their swamps, and backwoods hideaways to join with us in this inagural conference.

Herbalismo! is a celebration of our local traditions and together we will honor and learn from practitioners who have cherished and kept the fires of ancient knowledge burning in our modern world. Sacred ceremonies are planned with the lovely Maria Elena Martinez, who will also lead the building of an altar for Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos. The festival explores all the different ways we can honor plants and the people who love and use them for healing.

Classes are diverse, ranging from traditional herbs and midwifery from parteras, Native Hill Country wild plant walks from local experts, permaculture in herbalism, and beginning medicine making to advanced clinical study. We have guests coming from all over the South to share their own special ways of connecting to the Earth and to plants and to dance with us to the drumbeat of the Earth and her cycles. If there’s one thing that we’re known for in Austin, it’s how to have great festivals!

Herbalismo! promises enriching opportunities for learning from teachers to whom we rarely have access, covering topics that are relevant to our modern health challenges. We welcome you to join us as the light wanes and the shadows darken.

We are Gathering.

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